Reviews of INTERFACE

“Batton seems to be a natural in writing a good thriller as Interface has more twists and turns than the Pacific Coast Highway.  Just as you think you have figured out the plot, Batton throws yet another curve ball. Even though the premise of Interface is emerging technology, Batton doesn’t use a lot of techno-speak. This should please those of you that like to read thrillers, but shy away from techno-thrillers because of the overly complicated lingo, yet at the same time, Interface keeps those of us that do like the techno in techno-thrillers intrigued.  For those of you that like a good thriller, Interface will be sure to please.” - A Thrill A Week

"A terrifyingly real feeling Technothriller. The scariest kind of fiction is that which feels like it’s either already true or could become true any moment. Batton takes one of those scary 'what if' scenarios and turns it into a woah' kind of story. I honestly felt like I couldn’t put it down. The pages and minutes just absolutely flew by. [Batton] could be the next Crichton or Douglas E Richards. - Brian's Book Blog

"...the best book I have ever read! ...the first book that has knocked Daphne du Maurier’s Jamaica Inn from top spot on my book list... I really don’t want to give too much away. I suspect you get the best read if you open it reluctantly to give it a go. So sorry for spoiling that! of those books you feel genuinely sad to finish" - 4 Kids And A Chicken

"The short chapters and the quick dialogue give Interface a movie like quality that adds to the breathtaking pace.  Interface is a well written book with a great plot premise and Batton has the ability to infuse his writing with authenticity which makes Interface highly readable and an enjoyable thrill ride." - Spectrum Books
"An intelligent, fast moving and exciting techno-thriller that is a storming debut novel" - Goodreads reviewer
"...the pages pretty much turned themselves" - Amazon reviewer
"Shades of John Grisham meets Jo Nesbo meets Michael Crichton! New kid on the block Tony Batton's debut novel is a stunner" - Amazon reviewer
"Absolutely gripping from start to finish" - Amazon reviewer
"If you read only one book this year read the Martian by Andy Weir, but if you read two then you should pick up Interface. Make sure you pick it up before Hollywood" - Amazon reviewer
"An exciting and immersive read" - Amazon reviewer
"4am and I couldn't put it down. Thrilling scifi'esque, with twists and turns all the way." - Amazon reviewer
"A hugely impressive debut work" - Amazon reviewer
"a fast moving technothriller that successfully captures the reader from the first page" - Amazon reviewer